• Keep all garments stored away from sunlight and naked flames. Latex exposed to light with a high ultraviolet content can cause surface damage and staining. We recommend storing garments in a dark garment bag, lightly dusted with HÅRLEM Dressing Powder and wrapped in tissue paper. 
  • Do not store light coloured garments with darker coloured garments – the pigments in the latex can transfer and stain.
  • Keep garments away from metals. Metals containing copper, brass or
    bronze can stain and cause damage. This includes jewellery, body piercings, and metal coat hangers. 
    • Avoid contact with oils and fake tan as they can permanently stain or otherwise damage your garments. Please use HÅRLEM Gloss to polish and dress as its composition is scientifically developed to ensure high oxidation resistance and to maximise elasticity.
    • Our latex material, Gloss, Dressing Powder and Delicates Wash are formulated and tested under the ISO house of Quality Assurance and International Standards. The standards serve to safeguard consumers and the end-users of our products.
    • Our latex is accredited and tested under ISO37 and ISO34:1.
    • Our Gloss is accredited and tested under: ISO75 & ISO306.
    • Our Delicates Wash is accredited and tested under: ISO7535.
    • And our Dressing Aid is accredited and tested under: ISO3262.
    • For further information regarding our quality assurance standards please email us at 




    PART I: Laundering Latex 

    You can wash your garments if they become particularly dirty, to do this we recommend:

    • Adding one teaspoon of washing up HÅRLEM Delicates Wash liquid to a basin of luke-warm water.
    • Use a clean soft sponge to wipe away any excess gloss.

    PART II: Glossing Latex

    • In a clean sink with fresh water, add a tablespoon of HÅRLEM Gloss and dip the garment in again and out until it is lustrous and coated evenly.
    • Drip dry, out of sunlight.

    PART III: Storing Latex

    We recommend storing garments in a dark garment bag, lightly dusted with HÅRLEM Dressing Powder and wrapped in tissue paper. 


    We cannot be held responsible for problems arising due to items of clothing having been improperly maintained, stored, worn etc.

    We will undertake repairs once an assessment has been made as to the viability of such repair.  



    Natural Latex Rubber Sheeting is generally considered non-hazardous.

    However the product is manufactured from natural latex and latex products may cause an allergic reaction to some people.

    Persons who know they are susceptible to an allergic reaction from latex products should avoid contact with Natural Latex Rubber Sheeting. 


    If you have any questions regarding the care and dressing of your garments please email us at contact@atelierharlem.