30ml bottle of our in-house blend of latex polish.

The composition of our Gloss is scientifically developed to ensure high oxidation resistance and to maximize elasticity.

An essential item to keep your latex garment in their best condition.

Please note that all garments are sent with a complimentary bottle of our in house Gloss. 

  • To purchase more Gloss, it can be found here.
  • To purchase more Delicates Wash, it can be found here.
  • To purchase more Dressing Powder, it can be found here.



PART I: Laundering Latex 

To wash your latex garments we recommend adding a teaspoon of HÅRLEM Delicates Wash to a sink of lukewarm water.

Clean thoroughly, using a soft sponge if necessary.

Rinse with fresh water.


PART II: Glossing Latex

In a clean sink with fresh water, add a teaspoon of HÅRLEM Gloss (approximately 5ml) and move the garment in and out of the water until it is glossy in appearance - ensuring to coat all areas of the garment.

Drip dry away from sunlight.


PART III: Storing Latex

We recommend storing garments in a dark garment bag, lightly dusted with HÅRLEM Dressing Powder and wrapped in tissue paper. 



100% straight-chained polydimethlsiloxanic fluids. 



Thermostatic fluids (-50°C to 200°C)

Specific gravity at 25°C approx. 965

Flashpoint °C approx - > 300

Refractive index at 25°C approx - 1.403

Surface tension at 25°C, mN/m approx -20.9

Dielectric strength at 25°C, kV/mm, approx - 16

Thermal conductivity W/m°C approx - 0.16

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